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Maize Flour (Yellow)

Product code / model no: VVRS MAF500 – Organic Maize Flour (Yellow)

Product name: Organic Maize Flour (Yellow)

Min Order – 1 X 20” FCL


Produced by finely milling the yellow maize grain (corn) through the degerminated maize mill into soft, yellow flour. No Added wheat starch. Must be refrigerated or frozen to retain freshness. USES: To make thin, flat tortillas or corn chips. Must be combined with gluten-rich flour to make yeast-raised bread and can be used as a thickening agent.



NAME: Organic Degerminated Maize Flour


INGREDIENTS: Organic Yellow Maize

MANUFACTURING METHOD: Maize Mill Secondary System



COLOUR: Yellow

FLAVOUR: Maize flavour

SIEVE: 250 micron screen

MOISTURE: Max. 13.5%



Product is sourced from Australian growers who have declared their crops to be free of genetically modified organisms and must meet VVRS strict receival standards. VVRS products are certified by ACO P41USDA NOP 4086PNOP*, OFC 0456 and HACCP FSAU02/915 and are free from infestation and mould.

*USDA may not be applicable to some batches of this product.


20kg, (Paper bag), 5kg (Calico), 6 x 500gram laminated packets

54 x 20 kg bags to a pallet

210 x 5kg to a pallet

112 x 6 x500g cartons to a pallet


Energy 1406kJ (331cal)

Protein 8.10g

Fat, total 2.00g

-saturated 0.30g

Carbohydrate, total 68.90g

-sugars 0.30g

Dietary Fibre 10.0g

Sodium 1.0mg

This analysis may alter slightly depending on growing and climatic conditions. Other testing available at buyers expense.


VVRS Maize flour contains no egg and egg products, crustacean and their products, fish and fish products, peanut and soybeans and their products, tree nut and sesame seeds and their products, milk and milk products, meat and their products, birds and their products, fruit and their products, mollusc and their products, yam and their products, mustard and it’s products, added sulphites, preservatives, flavours or colouring.


There are no known risks assoiciated with the handling or processing of this product. Post harvest grain is cooled by night aeration for 14 days in silos then fumigated with Carbon Dioxide to a level of 37.5% for a minimum 10 days. Once the grain is cleaned, processed and packaged it is stored in cool rooms at maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. These rooms are dry and free from toxic chemicals, odours, insects and rodent infestation. It is recommended that product be stored under constant cool, dry conditions to maintain optimum freshness. No responsibility is taken for product if stored in humid, hot, dusty or infested storage. Our recommended shelf life for this product is 12 months after the production date but we will accept no responsibility for infestation once product has been accepted into the customer’s storage facility.


Information in this specification is reliable to the best of our knowledge and belief, but it is the user’s responsibility to determine in the user’s application and conditions the suitability of any material for a specific purpose, including consumption, and to adopt any precautions as are necessary prior to use. This product is milled in a factory which also mills products containing gluten.

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