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Cracked Corn (Maize)


Maize (also known as corn) is mainly grown in Queensland and New South Wales for use in human foods and as stock feed.The protein, amino acid and energy content can vary depending on the location and the conditions under which it is grown. Its protein content ranges from 7 to 12 percent on an ‘as fed’ basis (9 to 13 percent on a dry matter basis) in practice.

In Australia a white carcass colour of meat chicken is preferred and hence maize can be a problem if fed at high levels to meat chickens, since the pigment is passed into the carcass. In the USA and Asia, where a yellow carcass is generally required, maize has an added advantage.The colour pigment in yellow maize, cryptozanthin, is of value in layer diets where it gives the desirable colour to egg yolks.


• Maize can be used in the diets for pigs, poultry, cattle, horses and sheep of all ages.

• Maize should be coarsely ground before feeding. This should be done just before mixing to prevent the ground maize meal becoming rancid in storage.

• Maize can be fed as the sole grain in diets for young pigs up to porker weight. Maize meal is particularly useful in creep/weaner diets because of its high energy and good palatability.

• The feeding of maize to pigs to bacon weight (in finisher diets) should be limited to 30 percent of the grain component. This is because the fat in maize is highly unsaturated and may produce a soft fat in the pig carcass. The colour pigment in maize can also affect the colour of the fat in the carcass.

• To maximise digestibility maize should be processed by cracking, rolling or extrusion.


• No greater than 30 percent of the grain component should be included in diets for meat chickens (in Australia) and bacon pigs.

• No limitations on inclusion for other classes of pig, poultry and other stock.


Cool, dry conditions away from vermin.


Best used within 12 months from the date of packing.


20kg woven polypropylene bags.Bulk load details available from your sales representative.

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