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Cottonseed Meal


Cottonseed meal is a by-product from the oil extraction of cottonseed. It is a medium quality protein meal that can be fed to all animals. Cottonseed meal in Australia is of two types depending on the process of oil extraction. Pressed/expeller cottonseed meal and pre-press solvent extracted meal. The following information refers to the solvent extracted cottonseed meal, which is the more common of the two types. Cottonseed meal contains a number of deleterious substances, the most important of which are gossypol and the cyclopropenoids. These substances, if ingested in large enough quantities over a period, can affect livestock performance. Both meals vary in their gossypol content, with the expeller meal containing approximately 0.07% and the solvent extracted meal 0.05%.Solvent extracted cottonseed meal contains a maximum level of gossypol (both bound and free forms) of 0.1%. The level of gossypol in the free form is the concern when feeding to animals. See M. Evans (1985) for more information.


The amount of cottonseed that can be included in diets for pigs and poultry is dependent on the level of gossypol and cyclopropenoids present in the meal. Pigs and poultry can be fed diets containing up to 0.01% free gossypol with safety and without fear of gossypol toxicity.


Cool, dry conditions away from vermin.


Best used within 6 months from the date of manufacture.


20kg woven polypropylene bags.

Bulk load details available from your sales representative.

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