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Calf Rearer


VVRS MILK MAKER CALF REARER is a high energy feed for young unweaned dairy and beef calves.Calf rearing is an investment in your future dairy herd. How well you rear your replacement heifers will govern their future performance and therefore your profitability.


• Barley, wheat, maize, bran and pollard, vegetable protein meals, full fat soybean, molasses, vegetable oil, limestone, acidifier, sodium bentonite, dicalcium phosphate, salt, monensin sodium, VVRS ruminant vitamin & mineral premix.

• Base grain is depicted seasonally, therefore the proportions may vary.


At VVRS we believe the successful feeding of calves can be achieved by using a six-phase rearing programme with each phase having its own unique set of performance objectives. VVRS has developed a range of supplementary feeds designed specifically to be fed throughout this six-phase rearing programme.


• Calf Rearing Phases 1 to 3 are encompassed within an early wean calf program. This is shown in Table 2.

• During the first 4 days, the calf should receive an adequate intake of colostrum in preference to whole milk.

• Many studies have shown that the calf’s failure to drink and absorb adequate quantities of colostral antibodies are closely associated with neonatal septicaemia, diarrhoea and death in young calves.

• VVRS MILK MAKER CALF REARER is introduced gradually from birth, increasing the amount of feed given to about 300g/head per day throughout the pre-weaning (milk) phase.

• During Phase 3 the amount of VVRS MILK MAKER CALF REARER is increased more as milk is phased out.

• Continue to feed VVRS MILK MAKER CALF REARER after the calf is weaned until 12 weeks of age. This will ensure that there is no check in the growth rate.


• Contains digestible ingredients for young calves

• Protein meals providing natural sources of essential amino acids.

• Contains essential vitamins and minerals, digestive aids, attractants and flavours.


This feed contains the following veterinary chemical:–

• Monensin sodium at the rate of 30 mg/kg.

MEDICINAL CLAIM Monensin sodium is added to improve the weight gain and feed efficiency and aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

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